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1. One out four “Kiwis” live in Auckland, the “City of Sails”. There are “more yachts per capita than any other city in the world” – and it’s hilly too. Auckland is built on fourteen extinct volcanoes!
2. Skytower is a familiar landmark.
3. The highest point we walked to today was in Albert Park – we rested on the way up and Hästa aroused some local interest.
4. University of Auckland Clock Tower building
5. Queen Victoria reigns supreme among the blooms.
6. Here’s one clock that Ed can’t hang on the wall, and we can’t take it home with us. Whew!
1_1234819212519_02 16 09 084.jpg
2_1234819218346_02 16 09 085.jpg
3_1234819222674_02 16 09 086.jpg
4_1234819231189_02 16 09 087.jpg
5_1234819236064_02 16 09 088.jpg
6_1234819240610_02 16 09 089.jpg

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1. Today dawned bright and beautiful. We sadly said farewell to friends who disembarked in Auckland. This begins the 3rd segment of the World Cruise, and even with some passengers leaving and others joining, the Serenity remains only half-filled, yet with a full complement of staff, lecturers and entertainment. And food, of course.
2. The Auckland skyline receded in the distance as we took a ferry to the island of Waiheke for a Winery Tour.
3 -6. The three vineyards we visited are all boutique wineries which make very nice New Zealand wines. We were told the climate is similar to that of Burgundy in France.
7. Our French wine guide shows off their Chardonnay grapes. 8. The views from the island were spectacular! I just can’t believe the color of the water.
9. Back on shore in Auckland is the Maritime museum, displaying the 1988 Americas Cup challenger, K Z 1 – “The Big Boat”.
1_1234931112974_02 17 09 090.jpg
2_1234931131021_02 17 09 091.jpg
3_1234931136974_02 17 09 092.jpg
4_1234931143380_02 17 09 093.jpg
5_1234931148974_02 17 09 094.jpg
6_1234931153646_02 17 09 095.jpg
7_1234931174302_02 17 09 096.jpg
8_1234931189724_02 17 09 097.jpg
9_1234931196989_02 17 09 098.jpg

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1. The Seaside town of Tauranga from the Crystal Serenity
2. & 3. We headed out to sea with “Butler’s Swim with Dolphins”. What an amazing adventure! After sailing for 2 hours in the beautiful Bay of Plenty we found a pod of about 100 dolphins.
4 & 5. To “swim with dolphins” you put on a mask and snorkel, climb down the back of the boat to a 2 foot ledge, crouch in a waiting position and when the Captain yells, “All right, put them in” – you slide down into the water holding on to a bar with both hands and looking underwater – as the boat continues to move slowly forward. That’s me on the right.
6. Oops – that’s me pulling myself back to the boat (which was still moving, I might add!) after my hands slipped off the bar!
7. Yay! Safe back onboard!
8. Guess this was my day!
9 & 10. The Mauao Mountain is sacred to Maori people and thus it is undeveloped. It juts out into the bay and there is a wonderful walking path around the whole perimeter (about 3 miles).
1_1235108413677_02 19 09 099.jpg
2_1235108436396_02 19 09 100.jpg
3_1235108443817_02 19 09 102.jpg
4_1235108448146_02 19 09 103.jpg
6_1235108457052_02 19 09 104.jpg
7_1235108463255_02 19 09 105.jpg
8_1235108467677_02 19 09 106.jpg
9_1235108472177_02 19 09 107.jpg
10_1235108476724_02 19 09 108.jpg

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Our arrival in the Art Deco town of Napier was not until noon, so there was time for talks by two of the guest lecturers. General Nick Halley gave the first of his three lectures. He is an internationally recognized expert on leadership and terrorism. This first talk was “The Origins of the War Against Radical Islam”. I tell ya, dolphins one day, world history the next, how lucky can we be! And not to mention the “Hill Billy Hoedown” the entertainment staff presented last night!

1-4. So – here are some rainy day pictures of Napier which was rebuilt in Art Deco style after it was leveled by an earthquake in 1931. This weekend in February (their late summer) is their annual Art Deco weekend and residents and visitors dress in 1920’s style clothing and close the streets for a big celebration.
5. Here we are – inspired by Napier’s Art Deco theme, I bought some feathers and we’re ready for a night in the town – on the ship!

1_1235118913833_02 20 09 109.jpg

2_1235118921302_02 20 09 110.jpg

3_1235118925833_02 20 09 111.jpg

4_1235118930036_02 20 09 112.jpg

5_1235118935989_02 20 09 113.jpg

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The picture below should have been one of the dolphin pictures from Feb. 19 - guess he got away!
6_1235118940927_02 19 09 101.jpg

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1. Cook Strait, between the North and South Islands of New Zealand, is only 20 miles wide and is like a wind tunnel. Wellington is on the strait on the North Island and is nicknamed “The Windy City”. We were there during their “Cuba Street Festival” and all its frivolities, a Mardi Gras Kiwi-style. These men were performing the traditional English Morris Dance.
2. Lots of families crowded the streets in a party mood.
3. Preparations were underway for the night parade. Here “Beach Boys” music was being played near the “Wave” and girls were getting bikinis painted on themselves (no pictures included).
4. More parade prep.
5. Calling family.
6. The Regional Championships - in Monopoly!
7. Cable car to the Botanical Gardens.
8. Hästa heeds the warning.
9. The Serenity was docked bow to stern with a logging ship – we had a bird’s eye of the loading operation.

1_1235338512677_02 21 09 114.jpg

2_1235338527052_02 21 09 115.jpg

3_1235338536849_02 21 09 116.jpg

4_1235338542067_02 21 09 117.jpg

5_1235338546599_02 21 09 118.jpg

6_1235338551067_02 21 09 119.jpg

7_1235338557083_02 21 09 120.jpg

8_1235338566083_02 21 09 121.jpg

9_1235338570599_02 21 09 122.jpg

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1-3. Dunedin is a Scottish stronghold in New Zealand’s Southland. Since it was another drizzily day, it was a perfect time for a visit to Cadbury World! We went on the tour of the chocolate factory with our young New Zealand guide – we understood MOST of his English. We donned our hair coverings, removed watches and other jewelry and stored our cameras – we expected to be greeted by Willie Wonka at any moment!
We now have eaten all the chocolate bars they gave us on the tour – we had to – it’s Shrove Tuesday! No more chocolate for us in Lent!!
4-5. The Dunedin Train Station. This time we went inside and enjoyed the beautiful turn of the 20th century architecture.
6. Robbie Burns sits in front of St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral.

1_1235442312707_02 23 09 123.jpg

2_1235442322081_02 23 09 124.jpg

3_1235442327565_02 23 09 125.jpg

4_1235442332034_02 23 09 126.jpg

5_1235442336580_02 23 09 127.jpg

6_1235442344361_02 23 09 128.jpg

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We rounded the Southern tip of New Zealand and entered Dusky Sound (following the same path as Capt. Cook when he first explored the fiords of New Zealand) and exiting via Breaksea Sound. We then sailed into Doubtful Sound and exited via Thompson Sound. Today’s photos were hard to choose – lots of beauty in land and sea and sky – and dolphins! The dolphins played right next to and under the ship as we leaned over the side of the ship to watch them.
Here are just a few of our many pictures of that day. The last picture is from the Mardi Gras party onboard later that day.
1_1235599213408_02 24 09 129.jpg
2_1235599219518_02 24 09 130.jpg
3_1235599224018_02 24 09 131.jpg
4_1235599229252_02 24 09 132.jpg
5_1235599235549_02 24 09 133.jpg
6_1235599244096_02 24 09 134.jpg
7_1235599249424_02 24 09 135.jpg
8_1235599258815_02 24 09 136.jpg

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We were up before dawn for our approach to Milford Sound. The sky was clear and the seas were calm as we sailed in.
To the delight of all the passengers and crew Crystal had arranged for a helicopter with some of Crystal’s photographers onboard to circle the ship many times, hovering high and low and creating a heck of a lot of excitement among all of us. Note the helicopter above the falls in one of our pictures.
Our Captain brought the bow of the Serenity close enough to a water fall to soak the gathered crew – but, being a big ship we had to move slowly – time enough for a couple of little boats to sneak in the shower first!
All this happened before our 10:30am Ash Wednesday Service. We then sailed out of Milford Sound, leaving New Zealand behind and heading into the Tasman Sea toward Sydney.
1_1235707213127_02 25 09 137.jpg
2_1235707222393_02 25 09 138.jpg
3_1235707230752_02 25 09 139.jpg
4_1235707238408_02 25 09 140.jpg
5_1235707245986_02 25 09 141.jpg
6_1235707255768_02 25 09 142.jpg
7_1235707265705_02 25 09 143.jpg
8_1235707271143_02 25 09 144.jpg
9_1235707282096_02 25 09 145.jpg
10_1235707287752_02 25 09 146.jpg

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1, 2 & 3: A glorious sunrise appeared behind the ship as we sailed into Sydney Harbor. Captain Edvardsen had told everyone to be up early for the beautiful approach – and we were.
4, 5 & 6: The Serenity docked in prime position right in Circular Quay near both the bridge and Opera House. “Sydneysiders” are as fond of the Sydney Harbor Bridge as they are of the Opera House, so that meant we had to climb it – and we did! The whole deal is a 3 ½ hour event complete with training, special jumpsuits, caps, belts and safety gear. No cameras, watches or anything that could drop and smash through someone’s windshield are allowed. The climb was a thrill! An adventure, well worth the equivalent price of a ticket to the opera!
7, 8 & 9: Bondi Beach – a long time hang-out for Aussies and just a half hour bus ride away. We didn’t surf, obviously – just soaked up some sun and Aussie chatter. I was hoping to see Hugh Jackman walk by but it was not to be.
10. An evening stroll brought us back to the mother ship.
1_1235967613861_02 28 09 147.jpg
2_1235967628502_02 28 09 148.jpg
3_1235967636158_02 28 09 149.jpg
4_1235967642158_02 28 09 150.jpg
5_1235967646658_02 28 09 151.jpg
6_1235967651252_02 28 09 152.jpg
7_1235967658111_02 28 09 153.jpg
8_1235967666190_02 28 09 154.jpg
9_1235967676502_02 28 09 155.jpg
10_1235967681268_02 28 09 156.jpg

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1 & 2: It’s the first day of Autumn down under – go figure! We had breakfast with an unbeatable view.
3, 4 & 5: “The Rocks” - the scene of the weekend craft fair. We were feeling some bridge climbing muscles we forgot we had, so we decided to stay local today.
6. There are lots of interesting wood crafts made from native timber at the market.
7. More intrepid bridge climbers on their way to the top.
8. The Jacaranda tree has purple blossoms in the Spring.
9 & 10. Our sail-away completed an awesome two days in Sydney – starting the fourth segment of the World Cruise. At the start of each segment new lecturers and entertainers come on board so we won’t get bored (ha-ha)! Look closely at the bridge – are those climbers waving goodbye?
1_1235970313346_03 01 09 157.jpg
2_1235970337471_03 01 09 158.jpg
3_1235970342252_03 01 09 159.jpg
4_1235970348252_03 01 09 160.jpg
5_1235970354940_03 01 09 161.jpg
6_1235970360377_03 01 09 162.jpg
7_1235970364940_03 01 09 163.jpg
8_1235970376252_03 01 09 164.jpg
9_1235970381252_03 01 09 165.jpg
10_1235970385893_03 01 09 166.jpg

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1. The 4th segment – Sydney to Singapore.
2. Melbourne is the capital of the State of Victoria, Australia. There has been a drought for 12 years and Melbourne is just an hour’s drive from the terrible fires that are still burning in the bush. The beautiful buildings in Melbourne were built with money from the Australian Gold Rush of 1851. This is the central railroad station with the tall “Eureka” building behind it. The huge gold-leafed square at the top of the Eureka represents the gold wealth with which the city was built. (Rumor has it Nicholas Cage has bought a place up there).
3. St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral.
4. Federation Square with the National Gallery. Melbourne Park, home of the Australian Open is nearby.
5. One of the beautiful Victorian arcades.
6. A more modern shopping complex: Australia on Collins.
7. Hästa visits the State Parliament.
8. Fun parts of the city are the many small passageways.
9. The Royal Exhibition Building – the only World Heritage Building and gardens in the country.
10. A free city circle tram is shown at a stop in front of the Princess Theater.
1_1236150013304_03 03 09 167.jpg
2_1236150021929_03 03 09 168.jpg
3_1236150026414_03 03 09 169.jpg
4_1236150032414_03 03 09 170.jpg
5_1236150038398_03 03 09 171.jpg
6_1236150047382_03 03 09 172.jpg
7_1236150062398_03 03 09 173.jpg
8_1236150066773_03 03 09 174.jpg
9_1236150072695_03 03 09 175.jpg
10_1236150077398_03 03 09 176.jpg

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Since setting sail on January 21st the Serenity has been blessed with mostly calm seas. Well, now we have been through some pretty serious weather- a “low pressure system” (Captains must not be allowed to use the word “storm”). Some waves broke over the bow of the ship – these pictures were taken from our window on the 7th floor across the walking deck! Today’s Thursday March 5th and the sea swells are calming down – but since we left Melbourne on Tuesday evening we’ve been moving slowly westward often as slow as 5 knots per hour in order to ride out the storm. The waves were as high as 45 feet and everyone and everything on the ship was tossed about. Last night around 7pm we were hit by a couple of waves that made the ship list and then right itself. Wow! That made for lots of broken plates, glasses and wine bottles! But no broken bones we’ve been told.
So – we are behind schedule and we expect to dock tonight in Adelaide and we will remain one day behind schedule for now. We are all fine, it was all pretty exciting - thank you God for strong ships and wise captains.
1_1236240312648_03 05 09 178.jpg
2_1236240323304_03 05 09 177.jpg

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“Adelaide, Adelaide – Prettiest Town the Ozzies Ever Made.”
1. Adelaide is known for its mild climate and countless manicured parks. Unfortunately, the trees and gardens have suffered enormously in the current 12 year drought. The dry ground these birds are pecking is pretty common.
2. On a morning tour we sampled Australian wines at the University of Southern Australia. First time we have seen that on a University Campus!
3. A giant fig tree is surviving the drought.
4. The site for the city of Adelaide was selected and the layout was designed by this gentleman, Colonel William Light, and the city is known as one of Australia’s most livable.
5. Rundle Mall – the pedestrian shopping street – these porkers won’t be on the barbie!
6. The Kangaroo and Emu (pronounced “Emew”!) are in the emblem of Australia. This is the entrance to the Adelaide Arcade.
7. German Lutherans were early settlers and they brought their farming and craftsman skills to this town of “free-settlers”. Bethlehem Lutheran Church is one of the many churches in this “City of Churches”.
8. Central Market – the largest City Market in the Southern Hemisphere with 250 stores under one roof.
9. We couldn’t have set this one up!
10. Victoria Square is the center of the one square mile business district which is also anchored by four other parks and a green belt – an urban oasis in a city of a million people.
1_1236393617742_03 06 09 179.jpg
2_1236393625523_03 06 09 180.jpg
3_1236393633461_03 06 09 181.jpg
4_1236393643523_03 06 09 182.jpg
5_1236393653367_03 06 09 183.jpg
6_1236393659664_03 06 09 184.jpg
7_1236393666304_03 06 09 185.jpg
8_1236393676523_03 06 09 186.jpg
9_1236393684023_03 06 09 187.jpg
10_1236393690054_03 06 09 188.jpg

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All is mostly well on Serenity, but due to the weather delay and some ship propulsion problems we are having to skip 3 ports: Broome, AU, and Komodo Island and Semarang, Indonesia! We hope to be in Bali on March 15th Bali time, which will get us back on schedule. So, basically we are on a slow boat to China, or as some are joking, a cruise to nowhere! But what better place to be at sea than on Serenity!
Today’s pictures are of our evening visit in Fremantle. The ship docked overnight and stayed the following day.
1. The mouth of the Swan River as we sailed in for our evening arrival. 2. Many of the Federalist style buildings are well-preserved, thanks to the efforts of the citizens of Fremantle.
3. Did you know that “Breaky” is breakfast Down Under?
4. Evening light makes the buildings glow.
5. No kidding – this is not a model train – and those are real trees – Norfolk pines to be precise.
6. Bathers Bay.
7. A good catch.
8. Sunset from the fishing marina.
1_1236781513198_03 09 09 189.jpg
2_1236781520588_03 09 09 190.jpg
3_1236781531276_03 09 09 191.jpg
4_1236781543198_03 09 09 192.jpg
5_1236781549088_03 09 09 193.jpg
6_1236781553729_03 09 09 194.jpg
7_1236781561119_03 09 09 195.jpg
8_1236781565838_03 09 09 196.jpg

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