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1. Only 4 blocks wide and more than 32 miles long, Ketchikan is Alaska’s 4th largest city – but with only 14,000 residents! It is also the “Rain Capital of Alaska”, so we really lucked out with another glorious day.
2. Duck tours are pretty new here. These “ducks” are specially built to withstand salt water and are a fun way to hear some history and tour the streets and waterfront.
3. The tide was coming in. Tidal difference is around 26 feet!
4. Seaplanes fly to Misty Fjord National Monument – they dock here. Farther on down are the Norwegian Star and the Crystal Serenity.
5. Creek Street’s infamous wooden boardwalk – once the red light district. 6. A short incline climbs a hill over Ketchikan –
7.-where weathered totem poles stand in front of the town civic center. Hästa made an appearance – can you find him?
8. Harbor view from Fox Hill.
9. The walk back down to the Salmon “ladder” and the town.
10. There were times in Alaska when we felt like we were on the set of the old TV series “Northern Exposure” – although no moose has wandered out in front of us!
1_1241214913870_04 30 09 506.jpg
2_1241214919557_04 30 09 507.jpg
3_1241214924760_04 30 09 508.jpg
4_1241214931464_04 30 09 509.jpg
5_1241214941542_04 30 09 510.jpg
6_1241214953104_04 30 09 511.jpg
7_1241214960776_04 30 09 512.jpg
8_1241214966776_04 30 09 513.jpg
9_1241214975776_04 30 09 514.jpg
10_1241214981776_04 30 09 515.jpg

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1. Vancouver will be hosting the Winter Olympic Games and we decided to drive north to Whistler to see some of the Alpine venues. The beautiful Sea to Sky Highway is being widened and improved – but it’s not quite done.
2. The Shannon Waterfall is the 3rd longest waterfall in Canada with hiking trails and scenic views, but our time was limited so we just stopped to take a quick photo of the main attraction.
3 – 10. Some random pictures of Whistler village – places we might see on TV when we watch the Olympics this winter.
1_1241541315650_05 02 09 516.jpg
2_1241541325384_05 02 09 517.jpg
3_1241541330634_05 02 09 518.jpg
4_1241541337103_05 02 09 519.jpg
5_1241541347072_05 02 09 520.jpg
6_1241541363665_05 02 09 521.jpg
7_1241541379275_05 02 09 522.jpg
8_1241541390681_05 02 09 523.jpg
9_1241541397212_05 02 09 524.jpg
10_1241541402681_05 02 09 525.jpg

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1. We looked out the window to see this sub resting on a container ship docked next to us in Victoria.
2. We toured the harbor on a Harbor-Hopper. Kind of looks like a toy boat, right?
3. Victoria harbor through the “toy boat” door.
4. A view from the water of the odd pair, sub and Serenity.
5. The next wave – floating houses! More modern than the floating Chinese villages.
6. Back on shore, the Parliament building and the start of the annual May commemoration of the Battle of the Atlantic.
7. We visited the Royal British Columbia Museum which has won numerous awards for design and content.
8. Part of the museum is devoted to the history of the “First People” of BC.
9. The museum retraces history with many artifacts – this cross was from the church of St. John the Divine in the gold rush town of Yale on the Fraser.
10. Back to living things and natural beauty on a sunny day in Victoria.
1_1241551215806_05 03 09 526.jpg
2_1241551221806_05 03 09 527.jpg
3_1241551228322_05 03 09 528.jpg
4_1241551234447_05 03 09 529.jpg
5_1241551240009_05 03 09 530.jpg
6_1241551246869_05 03 09 531.jpg
7_1241551252353_05 03 09 532.jpg
8_1241551258978_05 03 09 533.jpg
9_1241551264384_05 03 09 534.jpg
10_1241551281790_05 03 09 535.jpg

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1. At about 11am (behind schedule after sailing through lots of windy seas since leaving Victoria) we sailed into San Francisco bay under the Golden Gate bridge! The fog moved in and out of “Fog City” during the day, leaving a brilliant blue sky for part of the afternoon.
2. The most visited place – Alcatraz.
3. Those are the steep streets we all think of when we think of San Francisco. 4. A view of the city from The Presidio.
5. Some of the Victorian homes are beautifully restored.
6. City Hall – gleaming in the sunlight.
7. The Bay Bridge – it’s eight miles long, while the Golden Gate is just one mile long.
8. We rode the Cable Cars and watched as the men turned a car in the turntable. It’s all impressively hands on.
9. We had time to walk on famous “Fisherman’s Wharf”- here’s Pier 39, where scads of Sea Lions bed down for the night (they’re there most of the day, as well – fun to watch, but hold your nose!).
10. A sweet ending to our final port of call.
1_1241706015665_05 05 09 536.jpg
2_1241706022525_05 05 09 537.jpg
3_1241706031775_05 05 09 538.jpg
4_1241706037994_05 05 09 539.jpg
5_1241706045681_05 05 09 540.jpg
6_1241706050259_05 05 09 541.jpg
7_1241706054681_05 05 09 542.jpg
8_1241706060744_05 05 09 543.jpg
9_1241706068572_05 05 09 544.jpg
10_1241706075681_05 05 09 545.jpg

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1. After leaving Serenity amid lots of fond farewells, we enjoyed San Pedro, CA once again. We spent hours walking around the old Queen Mary (yes, after all those days at sea we still like cruise ships!).
2. One last pose for Hästa - waiting to go to the airport in LA.
2_1248717310734_world cr..SMALL.jpg
3. This photo is out of order (I was on the old-fashioned gangplank in San Francisco), but it is a good farewell photo. As a Jimmy Buffet song goes, “It’s been a lovely cruise!” Only we’re not being philosophical- the 106 days on the Serenity were, really, lovely!

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