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1. Waiting for conditions to be just right (enough water in the pass, not too much wind!) we sailed through this pass and into the lagoon.
2. The island is a ring of coral surrounding a lagoon the size of Tahiti, making it the 2nd largest lagoon in the world.
3. It’s a coral atoll so, naturally there is a lot of crushed coral – 4. wear your water shoes – that coral is sharp.
5. A view of the surf on the shoreside exposed to the sea.
1_1233602114710_01 31 09 022.jpg
2_1233602126709_01 31 09 023.jpg
3_1233602131225_01 31 09 024.jpg
4_1233602135724_01 31 09 025.jpg
5_1233602139896_01 31 09 026.jpg

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