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1. We spent Monday on Tahiti. I still can’t believe it! Good thing we have a million pictures, because in years to come we may not believe we were actually here!
2. We toured the Island with a small group, leaving the busy city of Papeete. Our first stop was at the home of WW I hero and “Mutiny on the Bounty” author James Norman Hall.
3. A view from “One Tree Hill”, named by Capt. James Cook and used by him as a navigation aid when he sailed into the bay in 1769. The lookout provides impressive views back to the island of Moorea and the Sea of Moons.
4. This is Point Venus the landing spot of all the original explorers included Capt. Bligh and the first Protestant Missionaries.
5 & 6. We went farther into the interior of Faarumai valley to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Tahiti.
7. Our last stop was at the tomb of the last king of Tahiti who surrendered Tahitian sovereignty to France in 1880. It is said that he drank himself to death, possibly indicated by the sculpture on his tomb?
8. Papeete’s City Market, selling everything from jewelry to fish.
9. The downtown Cathedral, finishing a service on the Festival of the Presentation of Our Lord.
10. Hästa has been keeping a low profile so far – here is on of his rare appearance.
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