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1. Monday night stroll before sailing away from Tahiti.
2. James Michener called Bora Bora the most beautiful island in the world. Mostly, though, we explored it under water! Our adventure began as we were tendered to a dive boat anchored on a coral reef.
3. Here’s me – with my dive helmet being lowered over my head – then I was guided by my French diver to the ocean floor. You’ll have to wait for the hopefully awesome underwater pictures – so many beautiful fish and even a Barracuda.
4. I have been having fun practicing my French in French Polynesia. Later in the day we explored the small town of Vaitape – this girl is keeping away the flies- fresh fish anyone?
5. Or fresh vegetables?
6. The local Roman Catholic church: St. Pierre Celestine.
7. This guy was waiting around in his outrigger to ride the wake of our ship’s tender.
8. By the way – the Crystal Serenity’s Godmother is Dame Julie Andrews – appropriate for us, n’est ce pas?

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