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Okay, so now figuring out what time it is at home gets a bit more difficult. We crossed the International Date Line, and in so doing we skipped Sunday February 8th, so our Sunday Service was on Monday. That was fine, but now our time is (at the moment) 16 hours AHEAD of East Coast time!
1. Suva is the largest city we have been in since leaving LA – and it is a reminder of the crowding, poverty and debris that can happen, even in paradise.
2. No, these folks are not on a ship-sponsored shore excursion.
3. Hästa has a thing for license plates – sort of a “Hästa was here” kind of thing.
4. Fiji is composed of more than 800 islands, of which Suva is the Capital city. 5. Walking along the streets, everyone is friendly and says “Bula” (“Hello”) and then offers to give you a taxi tour of the island at a good price.
6. The city market – the best place for spices and vegetables.
7. Outside of the city, it is still paradise (but really hot and humid in February!)
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