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1. Are you all getting a geography lesson from this trip along with us? This is the “Paris of the Pacific”. Apparently, food and fashion directly from France available here. Still a territory of France, they use the Polynesian Franc for currency.
2. It was another hot, humid day, so we took a walk in the “cool” of the morning, as soon as we docked at 8am.
3. Later in the morning we enjoyed seeing the popular pilgrim destination, Church of the Conception. This is one of the few churches in the world with a statue of the virgin Mary in place of a cross on the steeple.
4. New Caledonia has the world’s largest lagoon, and the barrier reef that forms it is second in size only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The breaking surf is barely visible on the horizon.
5-9. The newly renovated Aquarium re-circulates water from the lagoon and the naturally lit tanks are filled with colorful coral and fish – a visit is like scuba diving without getting wet.
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