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1. Only 4 blocks wide and more than 32 miles long, Ketchikan is Alaska’s 4th largest city – but with only 14,000 residents! It is also the “Rain Capital of Alaska”, so we really lucked out with another glorious day.
2. Duck tours are pretty new here. These “ducks” are specially built to withstand salt water and are a fun way to hear some history and tour the streets and waterfront.
3. The tide was coming in. Tidal difference is around 26 feet!
4. Seaplanes fly to Misty Fjord National Monument – they dock here. Farther on down are the Norwegian Star and the Crystal Serenity.
5. Creek Street’s infamous wooden boardwalk – once the red light district. 6. A short incline climbs a hill over Ketchikan –
7.-where weathered totem poles stand in front of the town civic center. Hästa made an appearance – can you find him?
8. Harbor view from Fox Hill.
9. The walk back down to the Salmon “ladder” and the town.
10. There were times in Alaska when we felt like we were on the set of the old TV series “Northern Exposure” – although no moose has wandered out in front of us!
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