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1. We looked out the window to see this sub resting on a container ship docked next to us in Victoria.
2. We toured the harbor on a Harbor-Hopper. Kind of looks like a toy boat, right?
3. Victoria harbor through the “toy boat” door.
4. A view from the water of the odd pair, sub and Serenity.
5. The next wave – floating houses! More modern than the floating Chinese villages.
6. Back on shore, the Parliament building and the start of the annual May commemoration of the Battle of the Atlantic.
7. We visited the Royal British Columbia Museum which has won numerous awards for design and content.
8. Part of the museum is devoted to the history of the “First People” of BC.
9. The museum retraces history with many artifacts – this cross was from the church of St. John the Divine in the gold rush town of Yale on the Fraser.
10. Back to living things and natural beauty on a sunny day in Victoria.
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4_1241551234447_05 03 09 529.jpg
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6_1241551246869_05 03 09 531.jpg
7_1241551252353_05 03 09 532.jpg
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9_1241551264384_05 03 09 534.jpg
10_1241551281790_05 03 09 535.jpg

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