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1. At about 11am (behind schedule after sailing through lots of windy seas since leaving Victoria) we sailed into San Francisco bay under the Golden Gate bridge! The fog moved in and out of “Fog City” during the day, leaving a brilliant blue sky for part of the afternoon.
2. The most visited place – Alcatraz.
3. Those are the steep streets we all think of when we think of San Francisco. 4. A view of the city from The Presidio.
5. Some of the Victorian homes are beautifully restored.
6. City Hall – gleaming in the sunlight.
7. The Bay Bridge – it’s eight miles long, while the Golden Gate is just one mile long.
8. We rode the Cable Cars and watched as the men turned a car in the turntable. It’s all impressively hands on.
9. We had time to walk on famous “Fisherman’s Wharf”- here’s Pier 39, where scads of Sea Lions bed down for the night (they’re there most of the day, as well – fun to watch, but hold your nose!).
10. A sweet ending to our final port of call.
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